GTU Result October 2020 (Regular & Reassessment)

GTU Result 2020 Summer has been released for the students who have appeared for the exams in May, September & October 2020. Gujarat Technological University or better known as GTU has declared the results for GTU 2020 Summer on its official website. The university is making the results available for all the programs gradually and hence the students should check for their results on the official website with the right credentials.

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Update – The candidates can now check the GTU Result of May, September, and October 2020 for Regular as well as Remedial examination. The result can be downloaded online by entering the required details. The result is now available to check for offline examination as well as online examination for phase-1, 2, and 3.

GTU Result 2020 Summer

GTU conducts the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th-semester exams in the months of November and December while 2nd, 4th, and 6th, 8th & 10th-semester exams in the month of April and May each year. So, the even semester’s examination for the various courses was conducted in the month of May 2020 for Regular and September 2020 for Reassessment. The result for the Summer session is out now on the official website of the university for the students to check and download.

Students who have appeared for the exams for a diploma in BE, BA, BP, MB, and MA have been waiting for the result for a pretty long time. Now, these candidates can simply visit the official website and can check through the result, and can download the mark sheet.

How to Check GTU Result Summer 2020?

The University conducts three different exams in which the students have to qualify in order to pass in the overall exam. After the end of a session exam, the results are displayed on the official website of the university from where the applicants can check their marks and status. Candidates who have completed a program or course are eligible to get the final certification from the university.

The May & September 2020 exams are long gone and students can check through the results now to proceed with their further activities. Students who wish to check their GTU Result 2020 for the Summer session can follow these simple steps.

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of the university at

Step – 2 – At the homepage, you will find the option for the Result that you need to click.

Step – 3 – From the dropdown menu that comes from Result, click on the first option that is Result Site Link.

Step – 4 – A new page will open up in a new tab.

Step – 5 – Here, you need to select the Exam session and enter your details such as enrolment number, seat number, and the CAPTCHA Code.

Step – 6 – Now, click on the Search button available.

Step – 7 – That’s it. You can now see your complete GTU Result on your that you need to download and get a print out of.

Details Displayed on the GTU Result 2020

Till the time you are not getting the final certificate, the mark sheet available online is the most important document that you should preserve properly. Some of the important details that are mentioned on the GTU Result 2020 are:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Enrollment Number
  • Semester
  • Exam date
  • Birth Date
  • Father’s Name
  • Name and code of the College
  • Hall ticket details
  • Subject name and code
  • Marks in each subject
  • Credits and grades
  • CGPA and SGPA
  • Total marks gained
  • Status of the result

How to Apply for Rechecking – Re-Assessment in GTU?

A student can apply for Rechecking/ Re-Assessment if not satisfied by the marks gained in the GTU exam. The students who wish to apply for rechecking need to follow these steps.

Step – 1 – First, the student has to search for the GTU Result by following the steps mentioned earlier in this article or by directly visiting the page

Step – 2 – After the result page is displayed on the screen, there will be also the option for rechecking displayed.

Step – 3 – You need to click on the recheck option to proceed.

Step – 4 – A form will come up where you need to select the subjects for which you wish to conduct recheck.

Step – 5 – After selecting the subjects, click on the option of Pay fee and generate form.

Step – 6 – Now, again check the details and click on the Pay Now option.

Step – 7 – There will be a number of payment options available from where you need to select the one that you are comfortable in.

Step – 8 – As you make the payment, you need to confirm the application on the page that comes up.

Step – 9 – As soon as you confirm the application, a receipt for the payment done is displayed on the screen.

Step – 10 – Download and print this receipt for references ahead.

GTU Rechecking or Re-Assessment Result Summer 2020

GTU Rechecking or Re-Assessment Result Summer 2020 is also made available on the official website of the university after the rechecking procedure of the papers has been completed.

The candidates who have applied for the rechecking or re-assessment of the papers can check the results in the same way how they have checked their results earlier by visiting the Result Site from the homepage or by visiting the direct page of

The only difference is that the candidates need to select the right option for the result. When you are searching for your result before recheck, you need to click on the semester with the option saying Regular before your program. On the other hand, when you are looking for the recheck result, you will have to click on the option of Remedial.

GTU Passing Marks 2020

The GTU Exam is divided into three parts and these are:

  • External Examination that is the main exam
  • Mid-Semester Examination that is conducted within the institute
  • Practical Examination that is again conducted within the institute.

The main exam that is the External Examination is for a total of 70 marks and the candidates are provided a time limit of 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the paper. Most of the subject’s question paper is designed with a maximum of 5 questions that will have 14 marks each.

GTU Passing Marks for the candidates appearing the exams is 35%. So, in the external examination, the students have to score at least 23 out of 70. Similarly, in the mid-semester exam, the minimum score is 12 out of 30 while in the practical examination.

In the case of practical examination, the candidates need to score at least 50%. The total marks for the practical exam are 50 out of which the students need to score at least 25 to pass.

How to Calculate Percentage in GTU Result?

In order to calculate the percentage in GTU Result, the marks for the External Examination and the Mid-Semester Examination has to be totaled. The Grade and the SPI credit is awarded to the students based on the total mark scored in both the exams. The following table shows the SPI credits gained on different marks and grades.

Mark RangeGradeSPI Credits
85 to 100AA10
75 – 84AB09
65 – 74BB08
55 – 64BC07
45 – 54CC06
40 – 44CD05
35 – 39DD04
Below 35FF00

To calculate the percentage of the candidate, first, the credit of each subject is multiplied with the grade point achieved by the student in that particular subject. Now the total of all the multiplied values is divided by the total credits of all the subjects. This will offer the percentage of the student.

Based on this percentage attained by the student, the class achieved is decided. Here is a table that shows which percentage can get the students which class.

Percentage or CPI/CGPA RangeClass
7.1 and aboveFirst-class with Distinction
6.5 to 7First Class
5.5 to 6.5Second Class
Below 5.5Pass Class

The grades and the class of the candidates are mentioned in the mark sheet available online and also in the certificate that they get from the university after the completion of the course.

GTU Certification 2020

The university arranges for convocation and certification for students who have passed the Diploma course or a program. The students have to visit the official website of GTU to fill in the application for Convocation online. Also, along with the form, the students have to pay a particular fee amount for the convocation and submit the application to get the certification. The certificates for all the Diploma holders are provided by the University in the form of a hard copy. In case of any kind of confusion, the students can always contact their respective colleges.

About GTU

Gujarat Technological University or also known commonly as GTU is a prestigious name that came into being on the 16th of May 2007. The State Government of Gujarat heads the University and it offers education to a number of students under different technological fields such as pharmacy, management, and engineering. The University has a number of affiliated colleges under it in the State of Gujarat whether students willing to study under GTU can take admission.

The university is affiliated under UGC and Acharya Devratna and Navin Sheth are the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor of the university.

The University invites a good number of students to get admission to different affiliated colleges under it through on basis of the grades in High School and earlier academic programs.

FAQs of GTU Result 2020

Q1. How the total mark for Practical Examination is determined?

Answer: The marks for Practical Examination are determined by checking through the practical test conducted, term works, and the attendance of the candidate.

Q2. What percentage does Distinction mean in GTU?

Answer: You can get a distinction in GTU if you have scored 70% and above in your exam.

Q3. How to calculate backlogs in GTU?

Answer: The backlogs are calculated in terms of the number of attempts made to pass in a subject. For example, if you have passed 1 subject in 3 attempts, then you will have 3 backlogs.

Q4. When can I clear my backlog in GTU?

Answer: If you have failed in a subject, you can attempt it again in the next year’s exam. For example, if you are failed in a subject in the Summer session examination, you can appear for the subject again in the Winter session examination.

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