GMAT Exam 2020, Full Form, Dates, Fees, Registration, Pattern

A Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a computer-based test that gets conducted for the MBA course. If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, then you need to take the GMAT exam. The duration of the examination is now 3 hours and 30 minutes. The graduate management council has shortened the exam time by 30 minutes in the year 2018. Since then, the new schedule has been set. It is an exam which anyone can take part in if they are 18 years old and above. The great thing about the GMAT exam is that every management college is accepting the GMAT score across the world.

Here, we will discuss descriptively various aspects of the exam. Every detailed discussion of the GMAT exam pattern and all the details will be helpful to the students.

Recent Updates of GMAT Exam

GMAC, the governing body that takes care of every proceeding related to GMAT, is forced to reshuffle the present exam status amid the ongoing COVID 19 scenario. It has come to light that there has been a significant dearth in the availability of GMAT test centres. GMAC has to face considerable discomfiture while trying to look for test centres during this pandemic phase. This is the reason why GMAC has unanimously decided to arrange GMAT tests virtually. The authorities believe that it will ease up the criticality of the situation. Candidates will benefit from this decision as they don’t need to commute to the test centres.

While talking about the nature of the online GMAT test, the pattern might be something like this:

The online test will represent the essence of the AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment. The time is given to the candidates, and the precise quantity of questions will remain the same as before. Similar to the previous model, this online test will also comprise three crucial assessment criteria.

  • Quantitative
  • Integrated reasoning
  • Verbal test

What is the GMAT Exam?

GMAT is accredited as a computer adaptive test. The full form is the Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a specific test that tends to gauge certain skills in a candidate. The skill sets to be put on assessment are reading skills, analytical, verbal, quantitative as well as writing skills. It is the gateway that leads to admission to the most respected B schools in India.

The GMAT exam is specific, especially for those who want to pursue a management course outside India. Although some colleges consider GMAT to take students in many of the cases, it doesn’t. That is why it is basically for people who wish to go to some other countries to pursue their MBA courses. No other exam is as widely accepted as the GMAT exam. Over 6000+ colleges support this test and take it as a standard level for the admission of the students.

GMAT 2020

Let us see what the specific dates of the GMAT 2020 exam are. Here we will discuss all the important details of the exam as well as the pattern.

  • Full form: Graduate Management Admission Test
  • Conducted by: Graduate Management Admission council
  • The Official website is It is Popular for: MBA courses across the world
  • Mode of examination: computer-based adaptive test
  • GMAT fee: USD 250
  • Score: min 200, max 800

GMAT Eligibility Criteria for 2020

Although GMAC has not mentioned any eligibility criteria for the students to sit for the test, each college has its rules which the student needs to follow. Generally, the student needs to be 18 years old, and it is one of the main rules for those who aspire to sit for the GMAT exam.

Age Criteria

  • The students need to be 18 years old or above.
  • No higher age limitation for the GMAT exam.
  • If a student’s age is between 13 and 17, he or she must take permission from their parents or guardians.

Educational Qualification

There is no particular educational qualification that is set for GMAC. But a student needs to complete high school or graduation to enter the MBA course. In most countries, graduation is mandatory for a student to pursue an MBA.

GMAT Exam Fees 2020

The GMAT exam fees in 2020 would be USD 250. Approximately, it comes to 17000 INR. As far as GMAT rescheduling fees are concerned, you might need to pay some $150 as a rescheduling fee if you propose to reschedule the appointment date within 1 to 14 days. If you want to get it within 15 to 60 days, then you might need to pay $100 to reschedule the appointment.

GMAT Exam Registration Procedure 2020

Just like other exams, one needs to register for the exam before it starts. It means that you are confirmed and willing to give an exam. That is why GMAC has set a date for the registration six months before the main examination. Although the last date of the registration is 24 hours before the exam. You can register via phone, email, or online. There is a standard GMAT registration procedure, which is very important to follow. Every student needs to be very careful while going through the registration procedure. This year the registration starts from 28th April 2020 to 17th July 2020.

The Procedure

The best thing about the GMAT exam is that you can give the exam in your flexible time. Every year the number of students is increasing, and that’s why the students have the liberty to provide the exam whenever it suits them. In one year, a student can apply five times to register for the examination. If you have already applied for the GMAT test and wish to go for cancellation, then you will need to cancel at least seven days before the exam date. If you cancel within seven days of the exam date, then you will not be entitled to get refunds. However, if you cancel your application when there are more than seven days before the exam commences, then you will be entitled to get a refund of US $80. Now, let’s focus on the registration process. There are a few steps to register.

  • The candidate needs to go to the main website.
  • After that, create an account.
  • The candidate needs to provide name, date of birth, educational qualification, address, etc.
  • Provide your academic and work details.
  • Verify all the details and submit.
  • Provide your scheduled time.
  • At last, you have to pay for the exam via an online method. This way, your registration will be finished.

GMAT Exam Dates 2020

Now, let’s get a reality check on GMAT exam dates.

As of now, no such specific dates have been declared for GMAT 2020. The governing body will conduct the exam several times in 2020. The registration forms will be up for grab in several time slots in 2020. As of now, the appointment dates are settled between 20th April to 15th June 2020.

GMAT Exam Pattern

As previously specified, the GMAT exam pattern is a computer-based adaptive test. It means that the third test is taken by online mode. A student needs to go to the exam centre and give the exam in an online way via computer. The main criteria of the exam are to test the mathematical and English proficiency of the student who is appearing for the exam. The whole exam is divided into four parts- analytical, quantitative, integrated reasoning, and verbal. Each section covers different kinds of scores. The combined score of the entire examination will consider the total score of an individual.

  • Analytical and quantitative exams each score between 1 and 60.
  • The verbal score ranges from 0 to 6
  • The analytical reasoning score skills between 1 to 8.

It proves how important the exam is. Your score in GMAT will reflect your eligibility and intelligence altogether. That’s why GMAT scores are quite remarkable. You can even add the score in your CV to make it more attractive to your employers.

The GMAT Score and Result 2020

According to a recent statement issued by GMAC, GMAT scores might vary from 200 to 800. The score will depend on the precise framework. Those who are sitting for the exam might score in between 400 to 600 provided they are able to put up an average level of performance all throughout.

The online scores will be similar to what you could have ensured in a regular test conducted at a test centre with a physical presence. The items and ratio of questions will be the same. The candidates will have a good look at the scores percentage as well as individual sections once they receive the official report issued by GMAC.

The Validity of the GMAT Score

The validity of your GMAT score will be for five years. It means that after appearing the GMAT exam, you have to get into a college within five years. GMAT is an exam of great value that will prepare a student to be better and stand in front of the world. Like other entrance tests, this is mainly made for students aspiring for an MBA program or finance-related course. The acceptance of this exam all over the world shows the generosity and value of this GMAT exam.

The GMAT exam is an exam for the potential students who want to do something big in their life. This score matters a lot for those who appear for the test. It creates a path to success in later stages of life.

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