CFA Course 2020, Full Form, Eligibility, Fees, Registration, Exam Dates, Structure

CFA Course 2020 – CFA has a long history as it has been doing wonders in the investment industry since the year 1947. If we do the calculation, CFA has been working for the last seventy years, which itself is incredible. To grab the position of CFA, it is essential to undergo the CFA Course followed by passing all the levels of CFA examination that are CFA Level 1, 2, and 3. This course can be studied by fresh graduates, academician, and professionals hailing from the investment industry.

Updates of CFA June 2020 Exam

If the candidates are interested into taking a part in the CFA June 2020 session examination for any level then we want to inform you that the registration for all level examination already begins from August 2019 and the registration will be closed on March 2020. The CFA June 2020 Last Date for online registration is 11th March 2020 so candidates are requested to pay the requisite exam fees for CFA before the due date.

Do You Know the Full Form of CFA?

Those who don’t know about the CFA Full Form or are confused about it, have a look here. CFA is also identified as a Chartered Financial Analyst. It is among the most reputed designations in the investment banking sector.

Do You Fall Under the Purview of CFA Eligibility?

If you want to be successful in the CFA examination with good grades, then before going any further, it is better to know about the eligibility criteria. Wait, there is no need to search over any other platform as we are going to share the eligibility requirements here itself.

The aspirant must hold either-

  • Bachelor Degree from a reputed institution
  • Final Year Bachelor students are also entitled to writing CFA examination
  • Professional experience of four years or
  • Combination of work experience and education of four years.

Added to this, the aspirant must not skip to becoming a part of the CFA institute and should apply for CFA member society membership plans.

Easy Steps to Perform CFA Registration

For the initial steps of registration, the aspirant will be required to follow certain specified steps. If you are new, then it might be a confusing task, but don’t worry, as here we are going to unleash all the possible information under one roof itself.

  • Reach out to the official website of CFA at and click on create an account.
  • On the opened form, enter the name; password, and click on create an account.

Once you have successfully created an account, you will be taken to the main registration process

  • Select for the level of CFA examination that you are planning for and click on the same.
  • Enter the details like Address, Country including postal codes and click on continue
  • Mention the examination centre locations as per your preference.
  • Enter the eligibility requirements, and it should match accordingly
  • Select the status of employment as per the options provided.
  • In the next step, the aspirant will be asked a series of nine questions concerning Professional Conduct.
  • Coming further will be a declaration form with a twenty-one set of policies. Have a close view on the policies and then confirm.
  • Choose the supporting CFA material as per your suitability, followed by sharing the information of CFA examination contributors.
  • Here comes the payment option. Select the suitable mode and follow the steps.
  • Before making the final submission, ensure doing a detailed review of the form to avoid any mistakes.
  • Now you are ready to take print outs for future use.

Want to Know the CFA Exam Dates Possibilities?

The CFA examinations are conducted on the first Saturday of the assigned month. In general, the examination for various levels is taken as follows.

Month of examinationCFA Levels
June 2020CFA Level 1,2,3
December 2020CFA Level 1

Now, you must have got the idea of the exam dates, so without any further apprehensions, begin with the preparation.

Are You Waiting for the CFA Result Dates?

Students who have already written the CFA examination must be waiting for the results, so for them and also for the preparing candidates, here is a quick view of CFA result dates.

Month of ResultsCFA Levels
30th January 2020CFA Level 1
July (Late)CFA Level 1,2,3

A brief on CFA Exam Structure

CFA Level 1 is the preliminary step that every aspirant needs to pass. Or it can be said as the four doors to qualify CFA. The level 1 examination is conducted on Investment management tools and valuation, focusing on basic concepts and tools.

CFA Level 1240 Multiple Choice Questions2 Equal Sessions3 hours

CFA Level 2 is an extended version of CFA Level 1, and the questions are also based on the concept and tools that have been studied by the students in the earlier stage.

CFA Level 2120 Questions2 Equal Sessions3 hours

CFA Level 3 is the final and the concluding stage, which is compulsory for the students to pass that too with good grades. Here the questions will be derived from portfolio management and the knowledge grabbed during the CFA Level 1 and 2 levels. The exams are conducted in the morning and evening sessions, respectively.

CFA Level 3Essay Questions2 Equal Sessions6 hours

How Much CFA Examination Fees You Need to Pay?

Talking about the CFA Exam Fees, it is hard to come over any kind of conclusion as it totally depends on the time when the registration is being done. The only secret behind cracking the secret of CFA exam fees is relied on to how early an aspirant has filled the examination form. In general, the one-time enrolment fee is 450$. Plus, the amount of fee for all the levels of CFA examination will be unanimous, i.e., the same.

Opt for CFA Access Scholarship to Cut Down CFA Course Fee

Yes, the students who are working hard to crack the CFA examination but have money constraints can apply for scholarship programs. With the scholarship, the fees can go down to 250$ along with books.

A Quick View on Fees of CFA Course and CFA Salary in India

The CFA Course Fees do not come with any number, but to know a simple clarification on this topic, the course fee will go from 1.05 Lakhs and so on. The entire CFA duration is of 1.5 years, and the successful aspirant will get a chance to grab salary opportunities between 4 to 10 Lakhs on a yearly basis.

Will Joining the CFA Course Help Students?

Are you thinking whether the CFA course will be the right choice for you or not? To end up the dilemma, you need to spend time in knowing CFA Course benefits.

  • CFA is a reputed course and will shower students with endless benefits with regard to their career aspects. First of all, CFA itself holds global recognition and gifts the candidate with successful credentials.
  • Successful candidates will get to work with reputed investment firms with incredible exposure all over the globe.
  • The CFA course itself offers in-depth knowledge and hereby enlist the candidates with enforcing ethical standards, decision-making power, better analysis, networking opportunities, and amazing skills.

So, if you have decided to crack the CFA examination in the coming days, then stay stick to your decision. With diligent hard work and concentration, you will surely attain success and grab a reputed designation in your dream investment company.

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