What to Do after 12th

Every 12th student must relate to the question “What Should I Do after 12th in my Career?” if you are reading this post to get the answer, then you are surely at the right place. The actual career and realism of academic starts after 12th and students are required to share some seriousness, or a simple mistake can cause them a regret of whole life. There are several students who are clear with their ideas considering the career aspects while on the other hand; many are still going through the dilemma.

Passing 12th means unlocking the career doors without any confusion. Along with this, the variation in streams, courses, and upcoming prospects are also intimidating factors.

You will soon cross the threshold of your school life and will be welcomed in a world where real competition lies. Wait; do not get scared, as with competition, comes the college life that you have imagined until now. To accomplish your dreams, some steps are required to be taken, and in this post, you will be supported hereafter.

After 12th career decision is not about experimenting

If someone drops by and says that you have a lot of time after 12th boards, so chill out. In this scenario, the first thing that you need to do is shut your ears. Try not doing any experiments with your career decision, as it is an opportunity which can turn into a curse if you go on the wrong tracks. Furthermore, there will be surplus options in front of you, which require utter thoughtfulness. Some of the fields will lure you, while some will give you a tough time. In both cases, it is your responsibility to think, assess and then begin with the initial step.

Where You Want to See Yourself in the Next Five Years?

The world outside is filled with competition, and if you want to sustain here, the set your goals from the time your 12th boards are over. Otherwise, you will find yourself far from what you have thought about. N number of courses are flying outside, so, think not twice but multiple twice prior to catching the final one. In all this chaos, make sure to ask yourself as to where you want to see yourself in the coming five years and work hard to achieve it too.

Making it easy for you to decide career after 12th 

Ignore from which stream you are coming from or belong as this is the next step towards your career making. Thinking, what is the initial step, then take a glance below, and you will be delivered with an answer right at the moment.

  • Find out your tastes and interests – Yes, it is something that you should not avoid at all. The field that suits your mind will let you give your 100% and even more compared to the one that is forced upon you. Suppose you want to go to the Medicals, but have picked Engineering or any diploma course, then it will not make you glad.
  • Write down the possible list – You will be having individual options in your mind. In the same manner, your parents will refer to some of the courses as it is also an important decision for them too. Plus, have a look o what your friends are doing, with the experience of the seniors too. Here, you are asked to write the list of career options and not to follow any of them blindly. Sit down and assess each and every course then get along with the final pick. Remember, the process of shortlisting will continue for long until you reach the endpoint.
  • Don’t involve yourself in peer pressure – What your friend or best friend has chosen to do after 12th must not be in your list unless you are satisfied with the same. Friends are important, but there is no need to sacrifice or copy the career just for the sake of friendship or influences.
  • Growth and income of the chosen career – The ultimate goal of choosing a career is what it will revert back in the future. As 12th boards are done, it time to make money but with the right method. Here your concern must relate with the career choices that give back with good returns as well.
  • Not satisfied with your existing stream then change it- It might happen that you are not ready to pursue science and are willing to work in commerce or arts field. It is a normal feeling, and the time such feeling crosses your mind, and you are confident with your choice, go for it. The 12th results are related to your career, so it won’t be advised to take chances with it.
  • Have a back-up plan – Time is uncertain, and everything cannot be left in luck too. You have to keep in mind that competitive exams are tight and there is no other option but to meet the cut-off list. By any chance, if you fail to reach the college or university you have shortlisted or dreamt about, don’t get disheartened. Keep a back-up plan as per your stream that can be assessed after 12th examination. Your next plan must link with your goal and talents, then only you will be able to give the best efforts.
  • Have a word with your parents and seniors – 12th examination must have made you smart and independent in taking academic decisions, but a word from the seniors and parents will surely change your career, thought in a better way. They are the right persons to connect at the time of confusion, especially in choosing the career after 12th.
  • Connect with the education counselors – Stipulating the need; you must not resist yourself from reaching the office of the counselors as there are many. Several circumstances prohibit one in making a final talk; thus, it is the expert who comes for the rescue. Call out for any offline and online career counselors for help in deciding what to do after 12th.

What to Do after 12th Science?

Students with Science as their major subject on 12th have the liberty to pick their career option out of many. Each and every career field in Science have the potential to carve a career with excellence. Almost every option is well known to the students but for the ones who are still in need of guidance can look here.

  • Engineering – Every year, more than 12lakhs of students sit for the engineering entrance examination. With this, you can effortlessly analyze the growth, opportunity, and competition of this sector. Many branches are enlisted under this stream that can be chosen as per the intents of the students.
  • Medical – With a proper career scope Medical is also bringing many students under its hub. For his, students need to take Biology as the main subject in their 12th course. Being one of the high profile jobs, it has vast opportunities in both job and research fields.
  • Specialized Courses – Even science students can study for professional courses like CA, CS, film, Media, designing, and so on.

What to Do after 12th Commerce?

Commerce students are garnered with a supreme number of career choices. Specifically, commerce is being chosen by the ones who are interested in business, banking, and related courses. Some students who have great analytical skills can also plan a vibrating career after the 12th.

  • Bachelor Courses – Following the 12th boards’ examination, students jump over bachelor courses. Those who are unaware of the fact that a bachelor in commerce is itself provided in many subjects. Here is a view
  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Management
  • IT and software
  • Economics
  • Professional Courses– Those who are not fond of the bachelor courses can try their luck in these.
  • Chartered accountant
  • CS
  • Financial planner

What to Do after 12th Arts?

They say, a career in Arts has nothing to offer, and it is not even money-making at all. It is just a myth, and if you are Arts students willing to outshine your career, then hold on with a smile. Unlike Science and Commerce, even in Arts, you will have several opportunities enough to fill your dreams and pockets at the same time.

  • Graduation in Arts or B.A – The preliminary preference, that drops down after the completion of the 12th course. In this section, students will be given three streams to choose from that are –
  • Humanities and Social science
  • Liberal Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Integrated Law programs –After 12th career decisions are choking you in the field of Arts; then give yourself a chance to flourish in Law courses. BA.LLB is a defined course with good carer growth. You can simply prepare for the entrance examinations as there numerous colleges and universities listed for this course.
  • Mass media –Media of our country is without any doubt making the best of the industry. Through the competition is painstaking, but if you determinant, nothing will offbeat you in this. Plan a career in media after 12th.

Enter into the Creative Field after 12th

The essence of creativity is fixed in everyone, but there are few who tend to bring it out. Until 12th, the scope in the creative field is very low, while after it, the doors are open. If you are not excited about the course options shared as per stream and are inclined to creativity, then go on.

  • Photography
  • Hotel Management
  • Fashion and Travel
  • YouTube and Social media
  • Acting

The motto is that even the creative section has a myriad of options that you need to explore within time. Do not under-estimate as the competition here is itself very high.

Vocational Courses to Opt after 12th 

Many of you don’t want to walk with the stream say science, commerce or arts, but are desperate in career-making. Don’t lose sleep; as this way, you will only strain your body and mind. Also, you will be surprised to know that there are many vocational courses that can be chosen to gain specialization with career benefits. In most of these courses, jobs are ready waiting for the passed out candidates.

Competitive exams after 12th that you must not overlook 

After finalizing the field, you should not sit down and wait, as the main picture starts from here only. Depending on which course you have selected concerning the stream, there will be a requirement to sit for the competitive examination. With the word competitive, it is obvious that you have to beat lakhs of students out there.

Some of the common and most popular examinations after 12th boards include

  • JEE Main/advanced
  • NEET
  • Banking sector examination
  • Law entrance tests

Prepare for medical, engineering or any integrated examination with full dedication, and you will surely be successful in it. Giving your efforts in these exams will provide you with positive results, and if you take it lightly, it might cost you a losing year.

Should You Choose the Diploma Courses after 12th or not?

Confusion will tend to arise at this point in time, as no matter what, a decision has to be taken once the 12th results are out. All those students who are perplexed with the choices can look for diploma courses. Diploma programs are an easy way out besides; it carves one with specialization too. There are many diploma programs that can be chosen after 12th and here are the reasons why –

  • The practicality of the subject will come into effect with specialization
  • The duration of the diploma is not long and are flexible with timings too
  • There are both online and offline modes available
  • These courses fall in budget and add value to the resume

Suggested diploma courses include – human resources, interior designing, company secretary, banking, animation, foreign language, multimedia, and so on. Once you start searching, you will be sprinkled with many.

Forget about the goose-bumps, since you are going to witness a ravishing career in the next few days. The only task that you will be asked to perform is idealizing your career option. Many questions, doubts will try to pull you back, but try to keep yourself motivated until and unless you stick with the decision and have confidence in what you are going to pursue after your 12teh examination.

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