How to Calculate CGPA in Engineering (A Complete Guide)

Have You Ever Heard of the Term CGPA? The answer might be Yes, as it is a common term and is plus known as Cumulative Grade Point Average. Now, to understand in simple words, first, let us take a view on the basic meaning of CGPA.

The grading system that is used in the engineering stream has allotted grades for certain marks bracket. For example, students who have scored between 85-90 will get A grade, and the ones with 77-79 will get B+ grade. We are talking about the grading system; it is for a reason; this process is directly related to the CGPA calculation.

In Engineering, CGPA plays an imperative role, so if you are in this field, don’t ignore this post. Get along with us till the end, and all your questions and doubts will get clarified. While it is not only engineering where CGPA is being used, the entire academic circle is using it for assessing student’s results.

Prior going forward on the calculation process of CGPA for the engineering students, take a look at the table below.

CGPA Calculation Table

Numerical Scale of MarkLetter Grade4.0 Value4.0+Scale

The Calculation of CGPA

If it is your first time, or have less knowledge about CGPA calculation, then mug this formula right now.

The Formula of CGPA = ∑ (Total grades)/ Total Credits.

Now, you must be thinking how to know the grades and credits. Well for this here is the formula of calculating the Grades as well

The Formula of Total Grades = ∑ (Grades) * Credits

Explanation on Calculation of CGPA in Easy Words –

Suppose in your engineering exams you have scored the following credits and grades

SubjectsCreditsGradesGrade Points
Applied Physics4A4

Now let us place everything as per the formula Total Grades = ∑ (Grades * Credits)

  • Programming – 3*3.3= 9.9
  • Applied Physics – 4*4.0 = 16
  • Aerodynamics – 2* 3.0 = 6
  • Mechanics – 1*1.3 = 1.3

Now, comes the process of calculation as per the formula shared

  • The sum of total grades = 33.2
  • The sum of credits is 10 (Check the table above)
  • Now the final step – ∑ (Total grades/ Total credits) = 33.2/10 = 3.32

So, now your CGPA is 3.32

Is CGPA Really Important or Not?

There are solid reasons laid by the education department for the introduction of CGPA. It helps the student not only assessing their engineering results but at the same time, creates a sense of motivation to excel further. Unlike the marking system, CGPA has been accepted by the engineering students and even by the families as well. It is because the number of students with depression due to low scoring marks has gone down at high speed.

Also, the CGPA calculation has been straightforward, so the student does not find themselves in the state of confusion about the mistakes. Even with the formula and example stated above, you can fix your CGPA score for the current engineering semester. In case there are any mistakes or errors, it can be brought in front of the concerned authority immediately instead of getting involved in the long term process of putting an application for revaluation and then waiting for the results.

Does CGPA affect Placements in Engineering?

To grab a full-fledged package placement in Engineering, the students must be having an excellent CGPA. With this, you can understand that CGPA is imperative for engineering students; a mild line of credits can cause a notable rise or decline in the prospects.

  • In most cases, organizations and companies look forward to short listing the interview process of the candidates through the CGPA score. Therefore, ignoring it, on the whole, will not be suggested.
  • Somewhere or the other CGPA is also associated with which job role, company, and designation the engineering student is applying for.
  • Try to get involved in extra and co-curricular activities as CGPA alone will not be able to take you to your dream job.

Does CGPA Bring Demerits for the Engineering Students?

Yes, there are some points that bring problems if you are having low grades. Do you want to know what they are –

  • It might affect your placement, as most of the companies will not include students with low CGPA.
  • The involvement in the projects, research, and recruitment will be limited.
  • Having a low CGPA is responsible for reducing the morale of engineering students.
  • The students might not be allowed for many clubs or co-curricular activities as CGPA everywhere matters.

Being an engineering student, your goal must be entering into the best job with a long digit salary. Here your focus needs to be on everything and not on CGPA alone. Dipping yourself totally into either the co-curricular activities or in CGPA will not be of any help. Your focus needs to be divided equally.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it is the only factor for your new job. Along with this, your personality, know-how of the subjects, practicality, and the zeal to excel is also given utmost and equal importance. It means the placements do require skills, clubbed with a good CGPA score.

So, all the engineering students get on with the calculation process if CGPA and strain out all your stress. Hope you are out of questions concerning CGPA calculation for engineering students. All your centre of attention should be towards staying vigilant, working hard, and equally smart for your engineering examinations with a view to score mind-blowing CGPA. The growing competition and the struggle of marking might make it tough for you, but if your ambition is clear, nothing can stop you at any point in the clock.

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