Top 10 High Salary Courses after 12th Science

Over with your class 12th Science results? If yes, then it is time to think for higher studies and taking a step towards a brilliant career. To build a career in the field of Science is a challenge and a world known fact. Eventually, you will be targeted with numerous career choices; advice, etc., making you collapse in the puddle. At this juncture, your motive should be to stay strong and motivated with what you have thought and dreamt about yourself.

While crafting a career decision after 12th science, you will have to stumble upon and study a range of factors one after the other. Each factor holds a magnitude of its own that you must consider prior to coming to a point. Furthermore, the most and decision changing element that must not be forgotten is the pay scale. Unless the chosen career is not paying you well during the month-end, things will start falling apart.

Therefore, to help you and to create a bridge between the choices you make and the options that you should not miss, we are sharing the top 10 high salary courses after 12th Science. Sit down in the corner and begin with the validation of the courses shared below. After that have a discussion with the people belonging from this sector, family, and friends for a better approach.

MBBS – Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Primarily, MBBS is a popular course among the students who have just completed their 12th with Science. To begin with this course, students are required to sit for NEET, as it is the only exam that can give a breakthrough to MBBS in India. By writing this examination, students will get a chance to enroll in the top medical institutes in both government and private colleges. AIIMS MBBS exam is an additional way for the students to reach their dream of doing MBBS.

  • Course Duration – 5 years
  • Expected salary up to 70 lakhs per year


Maximum numbers of students who are pursuing science in their 12th Std. are keen on taking admission in engineering colleges. Every year lakhs of students sit for the competitive examination with a goal to get seats in the leading engineering colleges. It is one such course that never fails in attracting science students. Along with this, the high numbers of courses are again an advantage for them as they can choose their respective passion. Some of the common engineering courses that students opt after 12TH science include Civil, Tele-communication, electrical, Computer Science, etc. JEE and JEE Advanced are the examinations that a candidate needs to sit for.

  • Course Duration – 4 years
  • Expected salary up to 25 lakhs per annum for fresher


Today the pace of commercial in the nation is exceeding at a higher speed. It, in turn, has given a speedy growth of the architecture. Students who are holding the science stream after 12th can gather the benefits of this high paying job. The course is only for those who have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in their 12th as the main subject. Coming to the topic of job opportunities, both government and top-notch Multinational Companies are recruiting candidates from this field. So, if you want to work as architecture, go for the NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) examination.

  • Course Duration – 4 years
  • Expected salary up to 50 lakhs per annum

Computer Science

Students, who have taken computer along with Science subjects in their 12th Std., can flourish their career by studying B.Sc in computer science. Computers have already been a successful podium, and with mounting digitalization, there has been an unexpected growth in this sector. In this course, the selected students will get a chance to study computer science in detail, along with adding immense technical skills. The subjects comprised in this course include C++, Java, and likewise.

  • Course Duration – 4 years
  • Expected salary up to 30 lakhs per annum


To begin the course of B.Sc in nursing, a student must have studied 12th class with Science as his or her main subjects. This course trains students with pre and post-operative care by enhancing their skills and knowledge in nursing care. The entire course is for four years but is later divided into two categories – Regular and Distance both of 2 years individually. Unlike any other course, Nursing holds the capacity to shower the students with appealing salary. Based on the entrance examination, students will be selected further.

  • Course Duration – 4 years
  • Expected salary up to 60 lakhs per annum

Merchant Navy

Want to make your career in the most profiled job of the nation, then Merchant Navy should be your aim. The opportunity is for all the students who are looking for a course after 12th Science. His job is not only glamorous but pays the right amount in terms of salary as well. Admission in this field is carried out through entrance examination, i.e. IMU CET (All Indian Merchant Navy Entrance Exam) followed by an interview and medical test. The students will then assign for a ship training course. The merchant navy course includes nautical science, petroleum engineering, marine catering, marine engineering, etc.

  • Course Duration – 2-4 years depending on the course chosen
  • Expected salary up to 55-60 lakhs per month

Commercial Pilot

With an education qualification of 12th science, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Maths appear a ravishing career option of a commercial pilot. A high paying job infused with adventure is a great combination of career for the youngsters. If you have the zeal to make good for your life plus want to work for your country, then don’t miss out on this opportunity. Today, even private colleges have started to impart training of commercial pilots. The application process of this course includes both physical and mental.

  • Course Duration – 18 months
  • Expected salary up to 30 to 35 lakhs per annum

Dental Surgeon 

This career field is also for the students who have passed out with 12th Science and Biology as the main subject. Starting with BDS, i.e. Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a renowned undergraduate course of all times, one can make a good career out of this. May students enter into this program for its technical and advanced skills along with many other benefits. The best part of this course is that here admissions are carried out in a merit-based system for most of the colleges.

  • Course Duration – 5 years
  • Expected salary up to 25 lakhs per annum


In the earlier days, the popularity of Physiotherapy was deeming, leaving students from getting into good-paying jobs. However, now, this medical field has turned out to be one of the most talked-about career sectors. Students after 12th Science prefer to enter in this field. Students must have PCB as their main subjects if they wish to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. Many students look for BPT, BOT or BPO courses as per their liking and interest. The accessible areas include pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, neurology, OPD, etc. also; the salary scale in Physiotherapy will automatically increase with the higher studies.

  • Duration – 4 years
  • Expected salary up to 20-25 lakhs per annum


Pharmacy is mostly confused or misinterpreted with a drug store or chemist shop, but it is not the reality. This industry is more than that. Here the students after their 12th Science can pick up the sector of medicine where they will be taught about improving medicines, public health services, etc. the overall perspective is to work for the betterment of human welfare and society. A large number of NGOs such as Red Cross, WHO are hiring young and fresher from this field. So picking this as your career will not go down.

  • Duration – 4 years
  • Expected salary up to 20 lakhs per annum

With the post, you might have understood that your school life is over, and now the real academic life is waiting for you. Welcome your college life based on your career decision, and without crunching o your dreams. It is the only secret that will take you in high spirits.

What you decide today will decide tomorrow. Leave all the hush-hush out from the door and make a final point based on your dreams, choices, and what and where you want to see yourself in the coming years. With all these, you will be ready with a pick.

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