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CGPA to Percentage GTU – Having queries on how to use the GTU Percentage Calculator or what is the original way to carry out the GTU score. Well, you might have come across many until now, but to get an absolute solution, we are here with the ultimate formula. It is mostly assumed by the GTU students, that calculating GTU percentage is impossible and should be left on the experts. To curtail such thoughts, nothing is like that. Plus, you will believe in us, after going through the blog too.

Components to be attentive while calculating GTU percentage 

Before we take on with any more discussion, it is vital to open up with some of the essential components. Here we are talking about SPI and CGI. These are the main components of the GTU percentage calculator, and if you tend to make any mistake on this, the entire formula will fail.

  • SPI – It is also known a Semester Performance Index and is calculated at the end of every semester
  • CPI – It can be termed as the Cumulative Performance Index and depends on the credit-scored on the subjects individually.
  • CGPA – You must be aware of this Cumulative Grade Point Average which is taken on the basis of the entire four semester’s performance.

Don’t get confused –

  • Where SPI is for one-semester performance, CPI is taken for all the semesters. The calculation process of SPI and CPI is the same.
  • To get the distinction of classes, CPI will be taken into consideration.

A quick look on the GTU Award of Degree 

You must be wondering why both CPI and CGPA are being discussed while calculating the GTU percentage.

As per the norms of GTU Award of Degree –

If you are studying a two years course, then the percentage will be calculated based on CPI. Whereas, the students, who are studying four years course will get the percentage calculation done through CGPA. Both CGPA and CPI will be with reference to the complete performance of four semesters.

An Example for calculating GTU Percentage 

For instance, consider the scores obtained by you in the GTU scorecard as below

SubjectCreditGrade PointMarks

The formula for GTU Percentage Calculator

To calculate the SPI as per GTU Percentage Calculator, we have to use the formula that says –

“Credit multiplied with Grade point divided by Credit sum,” or it can be stated as follows “Credit*Grade point/Sum Credit.”

Let us now put all the figures as per the formula

SubjectCreditGrade PointCredit *Grade Point
TOTAL24 200

It will look like this = 200/24 = 8.33

Now, this 8.33 is your SPI

I Hope, you will be able to calculate your GTU score using the above method. Instead of rolling over any method, just keep the formula in your mind, and it will be done.

What will happen if a student fails in the GTU examination?

For all such students, GTU conducts remedial university examination along with the mid-semester examination.

Some more information that you must be aware in relation to the examination of GTU –

Students with attendance of less than 75% will not be permitted to sit for the examination. Though there can be a breach of 10% due to illness.

On the whole, now you have all the dots that you can join with a view to calculate the GTU percentage. Try not to get indulge in unwanted formulae as this is not only the easiest but seamless as well.

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